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Experience designer with a knack for creative technology


Casper prototypes on desktop and mobile

Casper Nap Sack

UX/UI Design • Concepting • Prototyping • Illustration

How can personalized subscription boxes and digital content help people find their perfect sleep routine?

Case Study

Just Fishing video game and various accessibility devices

Thesis Project: Accessibility in Game Design

Game Design UX/UI • Programming • Visual Design • Accessibility • Research • User Interviews • Writing

For people with disabilities, bad design can be a barrier to enjoying video games. How can the video game industry do better?

Case Study

beer pong AR app on a phone with pingpong balls and red plastic cups

A.R. Beer Pong

Game Design • AR • UX Research • User Flow • Wireframes • UI Design

Can the myriad house rules of beer pong be faithfully replicated in AR?

Case Study
Ruthie Edwards headshot


I'm a UX designer at an awesome company called WONGDOODY in New York City. I'm currently working on digital interfaces, retail spaces, and rad customer experiences for a bunch of different clients.

If I go a day without making something, I go a little crazy. My favorite things to make are digital: websites, app prototypes, service designs, user flows, interactive doodads, stuff like that. But I have about a thousand hobbies that excite me just as much, like making video games, comics, and whatever this is. This one time, I made a computer out of a pumpkin.