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Designing & prototyping digital experiences


Casper Nap Sack

UX/UI Design • Concepting • Prototyping • Illustration

Personalized subscription boxes and digital content to help everyone establish a better sleep routine

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UX/UI Design • User Research • Concepting • User Flow • Wireframing • Prototyping

A cooking platform that goes beyond just food by curating beverage pairings, tablescaping inspiration, and thematic music playlists

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"IF IT'S NOT FUN, WHY DO IT?" - a Ben & Jerry's t-shirt I saw in 2006

I love to make things. If I go a day without making something, I go a little crazy. When I was four, I asked Santa for a bottle of glue.

Now, I mostly stick to making digital things: websites, app prototypes, service design, user flows, interactive things, stuff like that. But I've also been known to make vegetable gardens, video games, comic strips, 3D-printed pig fountains, and this one time, I made a computer out of a pumpkin.