Teddy and His Cat

Teddy & His Cat

Teddy's cat has run away! Can you help find him? The game starts out friendly, but soon, Teddy finds himself in some odd circumstances...

A click-and-pick adventure game illustrated and programmed entirely in Flash by Ruthie Edwards in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #29, April 2014.

2021 Update

The format of this game has been deprecated, so you can no longer play it in your browser. The easiest way for most people to experience the game is by watching the playthrough video. But for the sake of preserving old internet art, here is the original Flash game file (.swf). You still can play it on Windows, macOS and Linux using the standalone Flash Player Projector from Adobe's website.

Special thanks: RVA Game Jams for hosting our in-person meetup. Amatic font by Vernon Adams. Music generated at abundant-music.com.