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Say it with Cake
Creating more bake-worthy moments with product innovation & digital experiences

How can Betty Crocker distinguish its cake mix from others in the baking aisle?


Cake becomes more meaningful when it punctuates an emotional moment.


Reposition cake as a way to elevate small gestures of appreciation and celebration.


Meaningful gestures

Which means more: a greeting card or a cake? The cake, obviously. And if you really mean it, you bake it yourself. But baking takes some serious effort, especially when the classic box of Betty Crocker cake mix makes 24 slices and takes over an hour to mix and bake. With sales in decline, how can Betty Crocker create a product for smaller celebrations, not just the major milestones?


Point of Sale

We designed a custom shelf to display our new, smaller product in the greeting card aisle instead of the cake aisle. By positioning cake mix in the same space as greeting cards, Betty Crocker challenges consumers to up their gift-giving game and give more sincere gifts.

Product Innovation

The new "Say it with Cake" line features smaller cakes that bake in just 20 minutes, with disposable tins that make cleanup effortless. Everything needed to bake and decorate a cake is packed inside, including icing and stencils. By reducing the time and effort needed to bake a personalized cake, we made gift-giving easier.

Packaging Redesign

Our research showed most consumers couldn't distinguish Betty Crocker's packaging over competitors like Duncan Hines because they both use similar red boxes with the same drab photography. We knew we couldn't lose the iconic red, so by moving it to the greeting card aisle, it stands out against the typical pastels. The shape of the packaging resembles a greeting card with its envelope top, and clever phrases iced onto the cake photos give customers in the card aisle a similar joy to browsing funny slogans on greeting cards.

Cake Generator

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  • Project Type: Student Project
  • Date: September 2018
What I did

Concepting, experience design, product innovation, packaging design, UI design, 3D modeling, presentation, folding and cutting 24 paper boxes


Ruthie Edwards (Experience Design), Chad Hilton (Experience Design), Mary Gray Johnson (Strategy), Chorong Kim (Strategy), Gabi Levi (Creative Brand Management), Alec Milton (Art Direction), Josh Perry (Copywriting)