Pig out guilt-free this holiday with my newest game, This Little Piggy. Run around the kitchen with the arrow keys or WASD to catch scraps dropped by the chefs. Don’t let them catch you! See how big you can grow this little piggy by eating as much food as possible.

This Little Piggy game by Ruthie Edwards

Once again made for the Ludum Dare 48-hour game development competition, I made every asset of the game: graphics, animation, code, music, and sound effects. Since switching to Windows (I got the new Surface Book, hooray!), I had to give up Pixen, my beloved Mac-only pixel editor, for Aseprite. I have to say… Aseprite is definitely my go-to now for pixel art. First of all, the hotkeys are mostly identical to Photoshop, so there was hardly any learning curve. Second, it has so much more functionality, especially when creating layered animation.

Pig Sprite Sheet


As a rule, everything created for Ludum Dare must be open source. So go ahead, take these sprites if you want! A fun challenge that happened while making the game was having to draw different sprites for the pig at every stage of growth. Here is the smallest pig, to the left (enlarged 800%), compared with the biggest pig below (enlarged 400%). There are 48 different pig drawings in total!


There are over 70 more sprites (actually I’m not sure how I cranked that many out in such a short time. Coffee may be to blame), so you can download the free source code if you want to see them all. The code was written in the free HaxeFlixel framework using Sublime Text 2 as my IDE. The music and sound effects were done in MilkyTracker.



I was thrilled that Game Jam Curator liked my game enough to feature it! I got some pretty decent buzz from Twitter, too. Play the game here! (Requires Flash.)

This Little Piggy gameplay

GIF made by Warp Door.


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