More Pixel Art!

Ruthie's Carytown Sign Pixel Art Richmond Virginia

For non-RVA-folk, the Urban Design Committee of Richmond recently voted down a proposal for a $250,000 sign to be put in Carytown, a neighborhood & shopping district chock full of awesome local boutiques and restaurants. Pretty much everyone acknowledged it would be a grandiose waste of money that would be much better spent on repairing the roofs of Richmond’s dilapidated schools. In response, RVA Magazine ran a “design your own Carytown sign” contest and this was my entry.


Ruthie's Tugboat Pixel Art Animation

Oh, and this is a tugboat.

Pixel Art Fun

Pixel Ferris Wheel by Ruthie Edwards Pixel Ferris Wheel by Ruthie Edwards

Tried my hand at some pixel art with a program called Pixen— it’s fabulous! Pixen makes it easy to create frame-by-frame animations as well as artwork with layers, transparency, and more. (Above: actual size; left: 4x enlargement)



Pixel Plague Doctor Sprite by Ruthie Edwards

(Actual size, enlarged 4x, enlarged 8x)
The nature of pixel art is really time-consuming because of the precision involved, but I hope I get to do more of it.

Constellation #1 – Capricorn

Capricorn Constellation Illustration

I remember going to the planetarium at The Discovery Center as a kid and watching the presenter use a laser pointer to highlight the various constellations of the zodiac. What I never understood, though, was how they came up with these things. Cancer just looks like an upside-down “Y.” Taurus looks more like a broom than a bull. I feel bad for Capricorns, the triangle-goat-fish that they are.