Ludum Dare: Teddy & His Cat

It’s been quite a weekend. I’m proud to say I’ve made my very first solo game!

Teddy and his Cat - A Game by Ruthie Edwards made for Ludum Dare 29

With the help and support of everyone at RVA Game Jams, I submitted my first game to the 29th Ludum Dare Competition! The goal is to make a game, creating every asset (including graphics, code, and sound) all by yourself in 48 hours. I had a blast hanging out with other game developers at 804RVA, and I picked up a lot of knowledge and resources along the way. Galan showed me an awesome site called that I used to generate the music in the game. Momin attempted to explain to me how he was using trigonometry in his game, which went in one ear and out the other but that’s OK. Everyone else was supportive and helpful too! You can see other games RVA game jammers made for Ludum Dare at

I made the game in Flash since it’s the only thing I know how to “program” in. I use the word program VERY lightly, since I was only using the default code snippets to create “buttons” in Flash. The most challenging thing was designing the levels and getting all the art done in time. I did have to learn one new piece of code, the all important if().

Teddy and his Cat Flash Programming - A Game by Ruthie Edwards made for Ludum Dare 29

if is probably the first piece of code any programmer learns so I suppose I’m off to a good start. Hopefully I’ll learn how to do some other things, like¬†else()¬†one day. Until then, enjoy my dumb little game!

Click here to play Teddy & His Cat online. (Requires Flash Player)
Ludum Dare 29 page for Teddy & His Cat