I did a study on Felix the Cat while en route to NYC. The thing I love most about Felix is that he’s usually so off-model, his proportions are flexible and very forgiving. Whether he was drawn by original creator Pat Sullivan or Otto Messmer (depending on who you ask), by someone at Van Buren Studios in the 30s, Joe Oriolo in the 50s, or in 2014 by Dreamworks (who apparently just bought the rights to the character), Felix takes on so many shapes and sizes. That’s what I love most about these old characters– they’re dynamic! Not stiff or overwhelmingly consistent, like a lot of computer-borne cartoon characters of today’s era.




#3 and #4 (counting top-bottom, left-right), are based on Messmer’s drawings.
#1 is an Oriolo copy, #5 is my own creation based on his style.
The rest are me fiddling around in “long-legged” Felix style.

As cuddly as a cactus

Watercolor Grinch by Ruthie Edwards


I did a SketchDaily prompt back in March that I really enjoyed; it was Dr. Seuss’s birthday and the directive was to draw something in his style. I love the collaborations between Dr. Seuss and Chuck Jones (I’d say this is more Jones than Seuss though). There’s really no better combo in all of animation history. Dr Seuss’s off-the-wall storytelling and iconic characters are perfectly matched for Chuck Jones’s weird walk cycles and squishy facial animations. Both of them have fantastic construction skills which I really admire. Here’s a sketch from the 1966 Grinch special (source):

Chuck Jones Grinch Sketches