Onion Babies

Onion Babies

garlic baby cute drawing My fascination with onion baby started in the car last week on my way to a wedding. I doodled its bulbous shape over and over and experimented with the eye-to-mouth-size ratio to make the cutest thing possible. Here’s the result of that “research,” done in Cinema 4D:jumping cute onion babies motion graphics

I like the way Cinema 4D’s cel shader gives things a 2D look on the surface but the 3D volume is obviously still there. I didn’t use any sort of rigging for this, I simply keyframed the scale and rotation of the body, limbs, and leaves. I did cheat just a tad by using jiggle deformers on the leaves: it makes bouncy movements really dynamic and takes just seconds to set up!

walking onion

For the kid (teen? tween?) onion I did use a more traditional IK rig, albeit with a bezier spline rather than a linear one, and a squash and stretch deformer on its body.

More Pixel Art!

Ruthie's Carytown Sign Pixel Art Richmond Virginia

For non-RVA-folk, the Urban Design Committee of Richmond recently voted down a proposal for a $250,000 sign to be putĀ in Carytown, a neighborhood & shopping district chock full of awesome local boutiques and restaurants. Pretty much everyone acknowledged it would be a grandiose waste of money that would be much better spent on repairing the roofs of Richmond’s dilapidated schools. In response, RVA Magazine ran a “design your own Carytown sign” contestĀ and this was my entry.


Ruthie's Tugboat Pixel Art Animation

Oh, and this is a tugboat.

Dash – A New Game

The guys at Unnamed Studio invited me to collaborate on a new game: Dash. It’s a beat-based game with easy controls and a gorgeous landscape. I’m working on animating elements in the background and pieces of the interface (i.e. the “game over” animation). Giuseppe is the game’s paramount programmer, and Joey is the lead designer behind the concept and the artwork. It’s been a lot of fun taking their brilliant work and elaborating/collaborating on it.

Here are a couple of “doodads” (our official term for background/foreground objects) and the “game over” screen I’ve been animating:

Snake Lake - Dash Game Dash Game by Unnamed Studio - Smoke Mountain

Dash Game by Unnamed Studio - Game Over Animation


As cuddly as a cactus

Watercolor Grinch by Ruthie Edwards


I did a SketchDaily prompt back in March that I really enjoyed; it was Dr. Seuss’s birthday and the directive was to draw something in his style. I love the collaborations between Dr. Seuss and Chuck Jones (I’d say this is more Jones than Seuss though). There’s really no better combo in all of animation history. Dr Seuss’s off-the-wall storytelling and iconic characters are perfectly matched for Chuck Jones’s weird walk cycles and squishy facial animations. Both of them have fantastic construction skills which I really admire. Here’s a sketch from the 1966 Grinch special (source):

Chuck Jones Grinch Sketches