Create an app for any subset of Generation X smartphone users that drives frequent data usage from AT&T's portfolio of APIs.


On the internet, dinner-related searches can be as broad as "easy dinner recipes" or as specific as "slow-cooker honey lime chipotle brisket tacos." Either way, most cooking apps focus on a specific step of the process, namely cooking instruction, which doesn't make deciding what to cook any easier.


tableSets, a new app introduced by Bon Appétit, stands out from the crowd as a holistic app that focuses on the whole cooking experience. tableSets embraces cooking as a colloquial art and considers that ambiance is an important part of enjoying a meal. It acknowledges and capitalizes on the fact that many home cooks don't know exactly what they're looking for, and suggests recipes based on their likes, activity, and dietary restrictions. It's there every step of the way from everyday recipe inspiration to elaborate feasts and family gatherings.

tableSets was created and conceived as the "Spotify for food," providing home cooks with curated playlists of recipes, beverage pairings, tablescaping options and matching music playlists for all occasions. It shares the social aspect of Spotify, allowing users to create their own food playlists and see what their friends are making. Bon Appétit seemed a great match for both our audience and the category, especially since they have not yet moved into the mobile app sphere.



Many Generation Xers are at an age where they are reaching seniority in their career while also balancing family life. They adopt new technologies more readily than Baby Boomers, especially when it lends utility to their busy lives. When we surveyed people 35-50 years old, we quickly realized that their two biggest struggles are time management and preparing meals, and that technology could help them solve these problems.

Curated Sets of Recipes

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With sponsored recipes

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Targeting recipe, food, and lifestyle sites


The Modern Homemaker: she's a jack-of-all-trades. Not only does she dedicate time to carting the kids to soccer, art club, and band practice, she manages the household and prepares healthy meals for her family. She takes pride in designing the aesthetics of her home, and she's especially good at finding great deals. Although The Modern Homemaker appreciates her organized daily life, she aspires to kick it up a notch or two creatively when entertaining or enjoying meals together.

Using APIs

Along with integration with Spotify and Pinterest, tableSets drives usage of AT&T's data using their Speech, Storage, Location, and Contacts APIs. Users can use voice controls to navigate recipes (Speech), add friends and share recipes (Contacts), and identify regional recipe ingredients via location data. Additionally, nutrition facts are pulled from the USDA's Food Composition Databases and specific product information like weight, price, and UPCs are provided by Supermarket API.

Project Info

Made for Business of Branding, a collaborative class between all of the departments at the VCU Brandcenter, Fall 2017. We are continuing to concept tableSets further and perhaps bring it into development.

My Teammates

Lauren Acampora (Art Direction), Andrew Allen (Strategist), Akin Abode (Copywriter), Anna French (Strategist), Paul Atienza (Creative Brand Management) and me (Experience Designer)

My Roles

  • Concept
  • User Research
  • User Flow & Wireframing
  • Desktop Interface Design
  • Prototyping & Live Demo