Play my new game, Rock Paper Scissors ATTACK!




I made it for Ludum Dare #32 (my 7th game jam… holy moly) in just 48 hours this weekend. I set out with a single goal: to learn something new. In the end, I created a game that has quite a bit of polish compared to other games I’ve made. Did I learn some new things? Oh yeah. Using the built-in Reg.score functionality in HaxeFlixel and a simple integer variable for “health,” this was my first game that displayed points scored and a health bar in a HUD. I picked up some new algebra skillz (well, things I learned in 10th grade and forgot) from the ever-talented Momin, a game developer at ROOT76. Really, the best thing about going to local jams is getting advice from other developers and getting them to play-test your game. You learn so much that way.


Like my last game, I made the graphics in Pixen and used Milkytracker to make the music. So I didn’t really learn anything in that regard, but I’m pleased with all the sprites and interesting walk cycles I made.


Goals for next game jam:

  • Don’t use pixel art
  • Don’t rely on humor
  • Have more people play-test my game
  • Focus on interesting gameplay rather than graphics

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