garlic baby cute drawing My fascination with onion baby started in the car last week on my way to a wedding. I doodled its bulbous shape over and over and experimented with the eye-to-mouth-size ratio to make the cutest thing possible. Here’s the result of that “research,” done in Cinema 4D:jumping cute onion babies motion graphics

I like the way Cinema 4D’s cel shader gives things a 2D look on the surface but the 3D volume is obviously still there. I didn’t use any sort of rigging for this, I simply keyframed the scale and rotation of the body, limbs, and leaves. I did cheat just a tad by using jiggle deformers on the leaves: it makes bouncy movements really dynamic and takes just seconds to set up!

walking onion

For the kid (teen? tween?) onion I did use a more traditional IK rig, albeit with a bezier spline rather than a linear one, and a squash and stretch deformer on its body.

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