Hello Dear Friend Clicker Game

At this weekend’s 33rd trient-annual Ludum Dare 48-hour game making competition (I realize that sounds like 100% gibberish), I tested my artistic wits and programming skillz with a new game called Hello Dear Friend.


A Flash-based game coded in Haxeflixel, you play a lowly, unintelligible spammer with dreams of becoming mega-rich. You set out to prove your skeptic father wrong by spamming as many emails as you can, while buying upgrades and hiring employees along the way.


The game’s major challenges for me came from two directions: first, the graphics are high-resolution raster images, meaning they don’t play nice when you scale the game. The graphics become ugly and crunchy around the edges, so a fixed game size was necessary. Second, the biggest challenge was adding up all the large numbers. Most games in the clicker/idle game genre abbreviate large numbers to make them readable (i.e. 1,000,000 becoming simply 1M), but I couldn’t figure out a solution in time. My programmer friend Momin did, however, so I may just download his source code and take a little peek…

Spam Clicker Game

With enough clicking, you earn enough cash to hire a whole suite of employees. Please do not bother trying to get an ‘ending,’ it goes on forever, or at least until the numbers get so high they start freaking out and the game breaks. A few people have told me this. It makes me sad knowing they mindlessly clicked on an envelope for more than 5 minutes. Anyway… Play my game!

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