Maiden Voyage Game - Ruthie Edwards - Global Game Jam 2017

It’s that time of year again! Global Game Jam is my favorite jam because it attracts people from all over central Virginia to come make a game, even if they have no experience. This was my 4th time, but I’ll always be grateful for GGJ and the crew at RVA Game Jams for that very first time I came to GGJ not having an ounce of experience making games. Since then, I’ve made… what, 13 games? It’s remarkable what having a group of encouraging, knowledgable friends can do.

This year’s theme was waves, so my team took a very tender approach and went for a game where you tap to create gentle ripples to push a paper boat through a stream. From the start, we wanted to make game that works on mobile browsers, and we did just that. The only thing we never figured out was why the music doesn’t play on Safari in iOS. Browsers are fickle and even though we provided .wav, .mp3, and .ogg files, iOS still wasn’t happy. Oh well.

Maiden Voyage Game - Ruthie Edwards - Global Game Jam 2017 Maiden Voyage Game - Ruthie Edwards - Global Game Jam 2017

The rest of the game turned out really nicely. Our programmer, Jeff, was using HaxeFlixel for the first time, but he has a background in computer science so he picked up both the language and the engine within a few minutes. Hannah, an illustrator and animator, designed all the sprites and the music. I designed the splash screen, but she picked up my style really well when she drew the level complete screen. Dani, who is a web developer, designed the three levels and created the tilemaps, while I was in a sort of ‘project management’ role working on bits and pieces of everything. One other piece of art I created was the water sprite, which is actually one giant sprite sheet because iterating through 300+ animated water tiles on a grid was taking up too much memory.


This is approximately what four water tiles looks like. You can see that there are two layers to the animation, one on the bottom that has darker waves moving slowly, and a round-ish lattice with white highlights that forms the surface. I deserve NO CREDIT for this because I based it off one of Pedro Medeiros’s tutorials and he deserves all the Patreon support in the world.


Ruthie Edwards Paper Boat Animation

Play now! (HTML5, works on desktop or mobile!)

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