I’m on a roll, making my way through all the myriad mograph tools in Cinema 4D. Today I modeled my friend Julie’s hermit crabs (L-R): Joe “Big Claw” Pesci, Robert “Crabs” DeNiro (happy 1st birthday), and Martin “Boss Man” Scorsese.

cinema 4d hermit crabs low-poly

Here’s what the entire scene looks like (albeit way too fast). The shells were the most fun part to model: I used a helix spline with a sweep NURBS to make the middle crab’s ice-cream-swirled shell. The one on the left is simply a pyramid primative swirled around by a twist deformer. The second-most fun was the pebbles, which I used the cloner and dynamics to rest at the bottom of an invisible glass fishbowl.

cinema 4d hermit crabs low-poly

My least favorite part is the pink coral; for whatever reason, its shadows appear weird and glossy despite having the same material properties as everything else in the scene. Oh well. Next time!

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