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Last weekend I made yet another 48-hour game, this time a casual plant simulator called Cultivate. Click here to play it on desktop (alternatively click here for a mobile-friendly HTML5 version).



You start out with rows of randomly-selected pots, with tools like the seedbag and watering can to start growing your collection. If you get tired of a plant or want to get rid of duplicates, you can pick up the shovel and dig it up.

I did all the pixel art in a wonderful app called Asesprite that’s actually for sale on Steam now. I wrote it in Haxe using the Haxeflixel framework. I used Unity for my last game but I just love the un-bulkiness and flexibility of Haxeflixel so much that I keep coming back to it.



Right now the plants take a short while (say 5 minutes) to grow to their maximum size, but I hope to keep developing it with new plants and a mobile app that idly grows your plants while you’re at work, school, or maybe even outside growing real plants.

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