I wrote, produced, designed and animated a short animated explainer for Nestiny, a site that makes it easier for first-time homebuyers to understand the homebuying process. I knew nothing about home appraisals until I made this video, so I had to research quite a bit to understand how it works. Hopefully through bright visualizations and cheerful animation, this video helps people understand the major concepts more easily (and take some weight off the real estate agents’ shoulders from having to explain appraisals over and over and over).


bubblesappraiser-selection   home-evaluation loan-victoryhappy-family



Boy on Trike - Ruthie Edwards

Most of the graphics were drawn in Adobe Illustrator, with the rest created as shape layers in After Effects. I used an awesome plugin called RubberHose for much of the character animation, and Adobe Audition to edit the voiceover. Stock music came courtesy of AudioBlocks.

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