Little Dead Thing

Little Dead Thing

While I still need to post about my SPX haul, I’m proud to announce my first mini comic is available as a free printable download.

LittleDeadThingRuthie Edwards


Little Dead Thing chronicles the day-long trek to Brooklyn by, well… a little dead thing. Initially a nondescript piece of roadkill, it arrives at the Delaware Travel Plaza seeking directions and friendship. After an abduction and endurance of a toddler’s cruel harassment, Little Dead Thing falls out into the streets of Brooklyn just in time.


This 32-page zine was written and drawn specifically in time for SPX, the D.C.-area Small Press Expo, where I handed it out to people I met. I still have a handful that are printed on nice glossy paper, so message me if you’d like to be mailed one of these *exclusive* first edition copies, free of charge.

Get the PDF here.