Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat

Mouse Teapot Mary Blair Style by Ruthie Edwards


“…How I wonder what you’re at.” Inspired by the incredible work of Mary Blair, the concept artist for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951) and truckloads of other awesome illustrations.



Orange Beach, Alabama

Ah, yes. Vacation. I took an ENTIRE WEEK off work and it was absolutely wonderful. A+++ would recommend. Seeing family is always a good thing, and so is the beach. This is the view from Orange Beach, Alabama in early October, which is more or less the off-season down there. That’s a good thing– more beach for me!

fr_821_size880Inside the Pensacola Lighthouse Museum

I went with my family to a pops concert in Mobile called “Mad Men” that featured a lot of Sinatra and some other singers of the era. I didn’t know about half the songs but I’m glad I know them now. I fully and happily indulged in a lot of, er, “culture,” and by that, I mean I ate a lot of shrimp, grits, and tasso (spicy ham). We also visited the nearby Pensacola Lighthouse, which was both beautiful and bizarre. The museum inside was slathered in chintzy Halloween decorations. You literally had to move fake cobwebs out of the way in order to read the placards. But atop the lighthouse’s 177 stairs, there’s a beautiful view of the surrounding shore and the aviators practicing their impressive flights at the Naval Air Station.

View from the Pensacola Lighthouse

View from the Pensacola Lighthouse

I really enjoyed seeing my Uncle Phil play in Mobile, and I had a good hamburger there too. Here’s me & my boo posing in Washington Square Park: