This medically inaccurate skeleton is missing its right patella, an armbone, and both scapulae (as pointed out by my sister, who is in medical school). Big props to people in the medical illustration field. I am not one of those people. Painted in Photoshop using some really lush oil brushes.


Inspired by my favorite YouTube video of all time, Skull Trumpet. Also painted in Photoshop.

Random SketchDailies #5

0910_moose_sm  0908_bobsburgers


A moose in water (pencil outline), an idea for a Bob’s Burgers phone case (Adobe Illustrator), and a cat (Pitt pen & Photoshop for color). I’m loving the cat, which I doodled while watching Red Oaks. I’m thinking of using it for a logo.a It’s sort of a cross between a vicious Felix the Cat and a less jowl-y Marc Antony a la Chuck Jones.

More Pixel Art!

Ruthie's Carytown Sign Pixel Art Richmond Virginia

For non-RVA-folk, the Urban Design Committee of Richmond recently voted down a proposal for a $250,000 sign to be put in Carytown, a neighborhood & shopping district chock full of awesome local boutiques and restaurants. Pretty much everyone acknowledged it would be a grandiose waste of money that would be much better spent on repairing the roofs of Richmond’s dilapidated schools. In response, RVA Magazine ran a “design your own Carytown sign” contest and this was my entry.


Ruthie's Tugboat Pixel Art Animation

Oh, and this is a tugboat.