Trip to DC

I went on a “vacation” with my family this June, hitting up lots of historical hot spots on the way. I use “vacation” in quotes because it’s never a vacation when you’re with your family. It was more like an expedition. I was exhausted.

Ruthie and Ian in Washington, DC

Boring things my dad made us go to:
– Guinea Station (the Stonewall Jackson shrine)
– Fredericksburg Battlefield
– The Department of the Interior (they had a good cafeteria though)
– The George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Other non-boring things we went to:
– Old Town Alexandria
– Ben’s Chili Bowl, DC
– The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian (another great cafeteria)
– The Holocaust Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, and the Newseum
– The Udvar-Hazy Center at the National Air and Space Museum

Ruthie at Ben's Chili Bowl

This is me buying a half smoke