Ludum Dare: The Results are In!

After three long weeks, the results for the 29th Ludum Dare competition are in… and look who got a GOLD MEDAL!

Ludum Dare 29 Humor Winner ruthiepee


I am über excited and crazy proud of this little 10 pixel by 10 pixel trophy. As you can probably tell, I’m not adept at the humblebrag. Most of the competitors seemed to be programmers, and as an artist, I felt a little intimidated by the talent and intelligence of the other game developers. But I came to appreciate the fact that I had an underrepresented skill. The best games are a balance of both good art and good programming. And that means… I’ve got to brush up on my coding!

Validating my weird sense of humor was probably a terrible thing to do. Now I’m gonna go around thinking I’m all funny and stuff.

Read my blog post about Teddy & His Cat here. And play the game here!